Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Ad Click Xpress is Simple, Fun and Easy For Everyone!
Whether you are earning your first dime online or you’re a full-time internet business guru - we love paying you and building your business online!

Earn Commissions as a Ad Click Xpress Independent Business Owner (IBO)
When you become a Ad Click Xpress IBO Member, you allow us to pay you up to 2% daily commissions by simply helping us drive traffic to our retail customer’s websites.

The mathematical formula that we use is indefinitely sustainable and backed by our exclusive Million Dollar challenge! Ad Click Xpress, and it's related programs, operates in accordance with U.S. Patent 6,578,010
(now public domain)
Q: How does that work?
Ad Click Xpress starts you with $10 and 1000 visitors allowing you to buy your first Ad Package. The number of Ad Packages you have combined with other money generation packages determines the amount of commissions you will receive daily. Your commissions are released by simply keeping a minimum level of website views in your traffic exchange reserve account. Making money has never been so easy!